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  • AT Professional 50 years
  • HF Event Services

    TLA Line Array

  • Queens Square Law Courts Sydney

    Steerable Line Array

  • AU Music Productions

    SFM24 Floor Monitor

  • Solomon Islands Parliament

    Steerable Line Array

  • New Zealand Parliament

    Custom Steerable Line Array
    Shown with Shrouds

  • Northern Territory Parliament

    Custom Steerable Line Array
    Shown With Shrouds

  • Cardioid Loudspeaker System

    Active Rear Cancelling Cardioid Loudspeaker System


Concert Speaker Systems

Acoustic Technologies have a long tradition of designing high powered and ultra efficient loudspeaker systems for the Australian Music Industry. From line arrays to point source solutions, our products have earned a reputation for excellence.

Architectural Speaker Systems

Acoustic Technologies specialise in innovative design solutions for a variety of applications – from Railway Stations and Airports to District Courts. Our steerable arrays represent the latest in cutting edge technology.

Transportation Speaker Systems

AT has developed speakers for specialised and demanding areas where intelligibility, efficiency, durability and weather resistance are crucial.  A Cardiod Loudspeaker system  can be used in Factory and Shopping Mall paging systems, Airport, Bus Station and Commuter Rail announcement systems. A Road Tunnel Evacuation System has been developed to be used for public address and emergency situations.