If you would like to hire an Acoustic Technologies system through one of our preferred production companies, please check back here soon!

We are currently collating a list of production companies throughout Australia with Acoustic Technologies speakers so that we can guarantee touring artists of any genre an unparalleled standard of consistency of inventory throughout their tour. Touring engineers touring with their own console can now rest assured that they will have the same PA, or very close to it, throughout the tour, allowing them to concentrate on the task of mixing, rather than damage control!

If you are an Acoustic Technologies owner and would like your business to appear on this page, please send Harry a picture of you standing in front on an Acoustic Technologies array or speaker box, your email address, website and contact details and what locale you service and we will add you to the site as soon as possible!

If you’re a Production Manager or Tour Manager and would like help in organising your National Tour, please contact Andy Taylor on 0434 656 973.



Tonepacer is a production company providing live sound systems for events that require high quality professional equipment to fulfil production requirements for local, national and international touring acts.

Our focus is to produce a smooth and professional outcome comparable to Australia’s larger production companies, with the benefit of an owner/operator’s flexibility and attention to detail.

Inventory: CLA 600, CLA 700, CLA LF3000, BB03, SS24, TLA 1.3, TLA 1.4, SFM07, SFM09, SFM24, SCX28

Website: www.tonepacer.com

Contact: James Clark – 0414 401 696


With 35 years of industry experience, Coastal AV specialises in delivering high quality, audio-visual production at excellent rates. We are available for PA Hire, Audio-Visual Hire and Audio Production in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Coastal AV delivers exacting attention to fine detail with an emphasis on seamless audio production, video projection, intelligent lighting and webcasting.

Inventory: SS24, SB03, CLA700A, CLA LF3200A, SFM25, SFM09, SCX28

Website: www.coastalav.com.au

Contact: Andy Taylor – 0424 656 973


Any show, any time, anywhere. Our range of professional, high-quality concert sound, lighting and vision systems can be tailored to meet most any requirement for small to multi-stage festival scale events, touring, one-off shows, corporate theatre and conferencing programs. Our experienced team of production experts will constantly monitor and operate all systems to ensure a smooth running event.

Inventory: TLA 316, TLA 1.3, TLA 1.4, SS24, SB03, BB07, CLA 600, SFM24, SFM09, SCX28

Website: www.dwsound.net

Contact: Dan Webbe – 07 5441-5108


SSL Productions QLD is the new trading name for the well established Steve’s Pro Audio Pty Ltd. It was time for a fresh change to better showcase what Steve’s Pro Audio Pty Ltd was now doing in the Broadcast Market, Live sound and Corporate events. For 15 years now Steve has always provided the best possible outcome for his clients using the best equipment at his disposal to exceed clients expectations.

Inventory: CLA600, CLA LF2000, CLA700A. CLA LF3200A, TLA 1,3, TLA 1.4, SFM24, SFM07A, SFM09

Website: www.sslproductionsqld.com.au

Contact: Steve Pannan – 0438 202 574


CHATTERBOX can provide sound, lighting, AV, Backline and Staging for all your requirements. Small Events, Large Festivals, Corporate Functions and Tours – we will deliver on time and on budget. With our own in house equipment we are a “One-Stop Shop”, and pride ourselves on our reputation for always going above and beyond. Sheila and David have an enviable reputation within the industry, and a regular client list that continues to grow.

Inventory: CLA 1000, CLA LF2000, TLA 1.4,  FR09, SFM09, CS600, LPW02, LG07, SSB 12A, TH200XAW, TH500XA, TH200X.

Website: www.chatterbox.com.au

Contact: Sheila Lorraine – 0418 817 816


Having spent over 20 years in live sound production using a multitude of different types of equipment and in venues from small cafes to auditoriums and outdoor events, Check 1, 2 PA Hire & Production provides customers with an alternative to the standard PA hire company.

Inventory: CLA700A, CLA LF3200A, SFM24

Website: www.check12pahire.com.au

Contact: Mike Cox – 0417 638 155


BJ’s Sound & Lighting pride themselves of having a fully comprehensive hire department. This hire department provides quality AV equipment to individuals, businesses, DJ’s, party hire companies, shopping centres, convention centres, schools, clubs and hotels throughout South East Queensland. Audio-visual equipment is available for delivery to your venue, installed and ready to operate on a casual or long-term basis.

Inventory: CLA 600, CLA LF2000, SFM24, SS24, SB03

Website: www.bjs.com.au

Contact: 07 3854 1122

New South Wales


HF Event Services provides cost-effective personalised production services with a no-problems, can-do attitude. We pride ourselves on being one of the countries most capable event production companies and have been delivering seamless event production and technical support for over 40 years.

Inventory: CLA600, CLA700, CLA LF3000, CLA LF3200, TLA312, TLA 1.3,SS24, TLA 1.4, BB03, BB07, SB03, SFM09, SFM24, SCX24, SCX28

Website: www.hfeventservices.com.au

Contact: Colin Baldwin – 0417 407 219


Oz Management creates stunning entertainment experiences and provides a complete range of event solutions: conference audio visual services, staging and design are all delivered with passion and precision. The wow factor you want with a professional no fuss approach to supply and coordination.

Inventory: CLA600A, CLA LF 3000, TLA 312, SS24, SB03, BB07, SFM09, SFM24

Website: www.ozmanagement.com

Contact: Tony Jex – 02 9567 7171


Fat Sound specialises in high-performance sound and lighting and has provided professional production to the Australian music industry for over 15 years. Fat Sound accommodates for all markets, from concert touring to corporate events.

Inventory: CLA600, CLA LF 6000, SS24A, BB03.5A, SFM24, NR4800A, SFM09A, SFM215

Website: www.fatsound.com.au

Contact: Ray Eberle – 0417 899 674


Monkey Wrench Australia is a production company aimed at giving clients a professional sound and light show at an affordable cost. Michael Chambers has been servicing the Western Suburbs of Sydney for over a decade and is proud to have the CLA in his inventory.

Inventory: CLA700, CLA LF3200

Website: www.monkeywrenchaustralia.com.au/

Contact: Michael Chambers – 0430 244 656


Corrimal East Audio Services provides hire and operation of professional audio system equipment. CEAS has capacity to cater to small venues as well as larger corporate facilities and outdoor venues.

Inventory: CLA600, CLA LF2000, SFM07, FR01, BB01

Website: www.facebook.com/Corrimal-East-Audio-Services

Contact: David – 02 4284 5067



Connect Integrated can provide PA, lighting and vision for any indoor or outdoor event; Festivals, Concerts and Corporate Functions, and anything a little out of the ordinary. We have the systems to cover small to massive shows, specialising in family festival style entertainment, where complete coverage is more important than blistering volume.

Inventory: CLA700, CLA3200, SFM25

Website: www.connectintegrated.com

Contact: Sean Bowen – 0417 383 249


Fast delivery, professional installation and honest advice are the crux of our service. Based in Inverloch, we provide delivery of the latest AV equipment across Victoria. Our engineers and technicians have the expert know-how to deliver outstanding success for any event.

Inventory: CLA600, CLA LF2000, SFM24

Website: www.gippslandav.com.au

Contact: Anthony – 0417 498 746



Dave Kirkwood Audio is Devonport’s leading supplier of pro-audio and lighting equipment. With a large inventory of Acoustic Technologies speakers, DK Audio are the best solution for touring acts from mainland Australia that want to keep their audio standard consistent.

Inventory: CLA700, CLA LF3200, TLA1.3, TLA1.4, SFM25

Website: www.facebook.com/pg/dkaudiotasmania

Contact: Dave Kirwood – 0418 396 422


Coastline Sounds is a professional provider of concert sound and lighting systems. Specialising in all aspects of live sound production, we pride ourselves in our positive, professional approach to any event.

Inventory: CLA700a, CLA3200a

Website: www.facebook.com/coastlinesounds/

Contact: Stewart Holmes – 0488 920 118