About AT Professional

Our Mission:

To Research, Develop and Manufacture Audio Systems at a world class standard. With over 50 years experience in the field we are well placed to achieve this goal. We own the Company and don’t have to answer to any financially driven influences. Mr Harry Lloyd-Williams, Acoustic Technologies’ Founding Director, started the company in 1972 with a fierce determination to design and manufacture high quality professional audio products. At that time professional audio was in its infancy. High quality equipment was invariably imported, expensive and out of reach for the average Australian musician, hotel or night-club.

Over the intervening years Harry and Acoustic Technologies has changed all that by developing a range of products which in every way equals or betters the imported equivalent. It has always been our goal to create world class professional audio systems manufactured in Australia. Acoustic Technologies products are in every way World Class!

Our Philosophy:

To research and develop cutting edge products.

Use the finest quality materials and parts possible.

Maintain the highest standards of workmanship and quality control.

Harry has the unique ability to position the company to always meet the changing and challenging demands of the audio community and to ensure that we are ever ready to fulfil their requirements. The burning determination that formed the business remains to this day. Harry is keenly involved in all facets of the Company’s Operations and Heads our Sales and Customer Support Activities.

Harry Lloyd-Williams

The AT Factory