Beam Steered Line Array Cabinets

Acoustic Technologies ALA07C Series beam steered line arrays are a new range of high definition line array loudspeaker systems with advanced steering capability in the vertical plane.

Consisting of two standard models, with custom versions available, the ALA07C Series is precision engineered to offer unparalleled control over vertical directivity whilst simultaneously allowing a wide degree of beam steering capability. With suitable signal processing and amplification, beam angles from 0º to 40º are readily achieved. Due to the precisely defined vertical dispersion pattern the ALA07C Series arrays are the optimal solution for speech reinforcement in highly reverberant or acoustically challenging spaces.

The ALA07C Series loudspeakers use seven precision engineered 78mm Neodymium cone transducers to deliver the low and mid frequency program information with exceptional sonic detail. High frequency reproduction is provided by either a constant directivity horn with 1” exit compression driver for the ALA07C Type H, or a passively tapered tweeter assembly for the ALA07C Type T.

Acoustic Technologies ALA07C Series is eminently suited to a wide range of demanding audio applications requiring a highly directional, high intelligibility loudspeaker system at full range frequencies. Typical installation applications would include Houses of Worship, Art Galleries and Museums, Airport and Commuter Rail announcement systems, Law Courts and Exhibition Spaces.

Transducer ComplementSteered Array: 7 x 78mm Transducer
H.F. Type H: 1 x 1” exit H.F. Transducer + Horn
H.F Type T: 3 x Soft Dome Tweeter
Frequency Response80 Hz – 22 kHz ± 3 dB (DSP Processed)
Sensitivity93dB @ 1 watt, 1 metre
Maximum Input
(Steered Array + HF)
Continuous: 130 Watts RMS
Program: 260 Watts Program
Maximum SPL
Continuous: 113 dB @ 1 metre
Program: 116 dB @ 1 metre
Steering Angles0° – 40°`
Nominal Impedance8 Ohms (Each Transducer and H.F.)
Dimensions(*See 3 View Line Drawings (technical drawings) dimension data)
Weight4.4Kg (Varies slightly with H.F. and Brackets)
Environmental RatingIP65 (Dependant on Grille Treatment)
ConnectorsScrew Terminals or Sealed Flying Lead
HardwareMounting Bracket
Finish OptionsPowder Coat with 70+ Colours available (see colour chart above)

Sensitivity, Maximum Power and SPL measurements are conducted in accordance with the AES 24 Hour Pink Noise Standard. Acoustic Technologies reserve the right to alter or amend the ALA Series, without prior warning in the interests of product improvement.

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