Logan Entertainment Centre and Their New AT Stage Monitor System

Pascal Bonnet from Acoustic Technologies travelled down to the Logan Entertainment Centre to chat with Jimmy Keane, venue technician, about the latest system upgrade in the venue.

The Logan Entertainment Centre is a council owned venue that accommodates a very diverse range of events ranging from stage shows, musicals and full-scale touring bands to catered functions and conferences. The venue has a large area which can be used as seated or standing room in front of a large stage. A rear balcony accomodates additional tiered seating taking the total audience capacity to 1100+.

Acoustic Technologies recently worked with the Centre to overhaul their stage monitor inventory and replace the under-balcony fill. Jimmy Keane explained “In the past the sound in here, particularly with the under-balcony fill, sounded and looked a bit “plastic boxy”. The installed LG04+ solution has definitely solved those problems – both aesthetically and sonically.”

As to why AT Professional was chosen for the job, Jimmy had this to say: “I’d used AT Professional products a few times and I’d engineered on some festivals and shows that had AT monitors on stage and I liked them a lot. On top of this, I have many industry colleagues and personal friends that have used or owned AT gear and have heard nothing but great reports. This led me to the decision of purchasing AT Professional loudspeakers for the Centre.”
A further decision was to buy instead of continuing to hire: “Until now it was costing us a lot to hire in a decent monitor rig for larger acts – often with varying results. It didn’t take long for all that time and money spent hiring to add up and purchasing a system that could handle everything we throw at it was an obvious choice. We get a lot of different acts coming through of varying sizes and volume and their regular requirement was for solid, reliable monitoring – so we needed to get something rock solid in-house.”

Having the manufacturer close at hand was a further plus for the Entertainment Centre: “One of the big draw cards for us when choosing a supplier was that Acoustic Technologies is an Australian manufacturer. This makes a big difference to us – particularly just knowing that we can easily get parts or replacements if anything ever goes wrong.”

“On top of the stage monitors, drum fill and side fills, we’ve also installed HD7 amplifiers on our front-of-house system which has made a huge difference to our FOH headroom – we were regularly getting local or international acts that really crank on stage – and the previous setup was around 50% under powered which got quite frustrating.”

“We’re extremely happy to have a world-class product with the added benefit of it being Australia made.”

Acoustic Technologies supplied:

8 x SFM24 floor monitors
1 x SDRM215 drum fill monitor
2 x SS24 (70 ° version) – Side fill (hung)
4 x LG04+ – Under balcony fills
7 x HD7 amplifiers (FOH & monitors)