About The Venue

Queensland University of Technology’s Science and Engineering Centre is the new home of The Cube: one of the largest digital interactive learning centres in the world.

The Cube is two stories high and utilizes over 40 multi-touch, multi-user screens, 14 high definition projectors and the latest sound technology; which turn learning into play for the stream of students and general public who stream past.

Located at 2 George Street, QUT Gardens Point Campus in Brisbane, the Cube invites all “citizen scientists” to experience and explore in an amazing atmosphere.

Acoustic Technologies’ involvement came through Peter Patrick of Scientific Acoustics who was given the brief of providing a system of localized sound for each of the 48 screens in the display.

Peter was able to accomplish his mission by utilising 48 TLA1102 Line Array Cabinets coupled with MK Series Amp Packs, a Blackbird 5K Precision DSP Amplifier and several bespoke AT pieces: two Dipole Loudspeakers (large 5×5 Array) an SB 115 Sub Bass Cabinet and four Dipole Loudspeakers (small 2×1 Array).

He has this to say about the outcome: “AT Professional are a real asset to audio designers everywhere thanks to their capacity to build special purpose loudspeakers for special projects such as the CUBE. Thanks to AT Professional’s help, the audio outcome is as spectacular as the Video.”

Equipment Schedule

48 x Acoustic Technologies Bespoke TLA1102 Focused Line Array (Focaray)
48 x Acoustic Technologies AMPPACK Single Channel Power Amplifiers
2 x Acoustic Technologies Bespoke Large Format Dipole Array Enclosures
4 x Acoustic Technologies Bespoke Small Format Dipole Array Enclosures
1 x Acoustic Technologies Bespoke SB115 Large Format Subwoofer
1 x BLACKBIRD 5K Quad Channel Power Amplifier