Dual-Concentric 15″Composite Speaker/Monitor

Acoustic Technologies SCX28A is a full range loudspeaker system providing exceptional performance for a broad range of professional sound reinforcement applications. The highly versatile SCX28A is eminently suited to both Front Of House and Stage Floor Monitor applications. The SCX28A is a ported enclosure utilising a premium quality coaxial 15” transducer providing a uniform 60°X 40° nominal coverage pattern. The cabinet is constructed from premium grade Birch ply finished in black AcoustiCoate. A perforated steel mesh grille protects the system components. The SCX28A offers remarkable versatility for all applications. The cabinet’s hardware includes an industry standard polemount adaptor. Recessed hand grips are provided for easy handling. The versatility of the SCX28A ensures its place in any professional audio production company inventory because it is ideally suited to any installed or portable application requiring a full range loudspeaker or stage floor monitoring system such as corporate audio/video presentations, live music production, worship production and theatre performances.

Key Features

  • Versatile Full Range Self Powered
  • Loudspeaker System or Stage Floor Monitor
  • Self Powered Operation
  • 3 Year Warranty

Suggested Applications

  • Live Music Production
  • Rehearsal Room Monitors
  • Corporate Production
  • Houses of Worship
  • Musical Theatre &
  • Sound Stages
  • Television & Radio Cue,
  • Review and Playback Monitors
  • DJ Booth Monitors

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