Well known for its sandy beaches and lavish resorts, Queensland’s Sunshine coast is also home to the Australia Zoo. Perhaps better known as ‘The Home of the Crocodile Hunter’ this world class attraction is situated in Beerwah, near the Glasshouse Mountains and if it is Australian fauna you are looking for, you will struggle to find a better place to see it.

The park is well laid out and beautifully appointed with landscaped gardens, big animal enclosures, a children’s petting zoo and a food court that would put your average Westfield to shame. So when it came to building a new auditorium it became obvious from the start, that like everything else at the Zoo, it had to be the best of its’ kind.

The auditorium, aptly name “The Crocoseum”, is essentially a horse shoe shaped stadium style arena, with a roof covering the rear ¾ seats.

It is linked to the adjacent building affectionately known as the Taj Mahal at ground and concourse levels for easy access. With a seating capacity of 5000, it is certainly the biggest venue of its type in Australia, if not the Southern Hemisphere!

The Australia Zoo management engaged Acoustic Technologies’ Pascal Bonnet and acoustics consultant Peter Patrick from Scientific Acoustics to provide a design for a “state of the art”  sound reinforcement system. Using EASE analysis they developed a high fidelity system with excellent intelligibility. Tony Kerr from ADK Electrical was the contractor entrusted with this high-end installation.

Acoustic Engineering Peter Patrick – Scientific Acoustics
Project Management and Installation Tony Kerr – ADK Electrical
Audia Programming Jim Seretis – Audio Products Australia
Peter Simons – Audio Products Australia

Australia Zoo
Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Route, Beerwah, Q’ld, 4519
Phone: (07) 5436-2000