Take a leisurely drive to the Samford Valley just 30 minutes North West of Brisbane and you will find the Brisbane Christian Fellowship. One of Queensland’s largest churches, its main auditorium seats 2000 people. Add to this a 60 piece orchestra and a 160 piece choir and you’ve got the need for some serious production.

Ben Hall from Brisbane Christian Fellowship recently set out to purchase a new sound system for the church. After extensive research, it was decided that the MLA01 line array from Acoustic Technologies was the ideal product for the job.

With a fairly live room the line array minimised unwanted reflections without compromising coverage.

The system consists of twelve MAL01’s powered by four E-2500 and two E1500 power amplifiers. The front rows are catered for by two ALA02 speakers and two ALA04 speakers powered by an M-400 amplifier.

Ben claims the system has made a considerable improvement in intelligibility and says that the sound quality is superb.

Ben played an integral role in the selection and design of the system.

Qty      Item
1         dbx Drive Rack System Processor
2        Acoustic Technologies E-1500 Dual 500 Watt Power Amplifier
4        Acoustic Technologies E-2500 Dual 880 Watt Power Amplifier
12      Acoustic Technologies MLA01 Dual 10″ Line Array Speaker
2        Acoustic Technologies ALA02 Architectural Line Array Cabinets
2        Acoustic Technologies ALA04 Architectural Line Array Cabinets
1        Acoustic Technologies M-400 Dual 200 Watt Power Amplifier

Brisbane Christian Fellowship
40 Burton Lane, Samford, Qld, 4520
Phone: (7) 3289-2888