About The Venue

GUZ BOX design + audio have been working with St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Manuka ACT over several years to improve audio quality through upgrading and replacing audio system components. The latest works included installation of new loudspeaker and amplification components for the main sanctuary.

What Was Installed

2 x ALA16 main sanctuary loudspeaker system
1 x LGB01 sub-bass enclosure to supplement the main loudspeakers
2 x ALA02T under balcony loudspeakers
1 x ALA16 choir/organ loft loudspeaker

All ALA enclosures have been supplied in custom colours to complement the various interior finishes.

St. Paul’s Manuka is a building of heritage significance exhibiting acoustic challenges due to a highly reverberant environment to support pipe organ and choir music.

The new AT Professional ALA loudspeaker system provides and impressive improvement in intelligibility throughout all areas of the sanctuary.

Client: St. Paul’s Cathedral – Manuka ACT www.stpaulsmanuka.org.au
Acoustic Consultant: Tim Kuschel, GUZ BOX design + audio www.guzbox.com.au

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