About the Venue:

Recently renovated by the Burleigh Heads based Rayjon Group, this Bundall waterfront property which was home to the popular Surfers Rowers dining and entertainment venue has been transformed and rebranded as ONE50 Public House; a New York City inspired restaurant, lounge bar and function centre.

The venue has an industrial warehouse theme, incorporating raw look building materials and fittings. Large windows and alfresco deck areas will highlight the building’s north facing frontage to the Nerang River and views to the Surfers Paradise skyline.

Being just 2km from Surfers Paradise and in the heart of the Bundall office precinct, ONE50 is poised to tap into the area’s growing workforce, with the Gold Coast City Council set to make its base in the area having acquired three nearby office buildings.

About the Audio

The requirements for the new sound system were:

  • High quality 2 way loudspeaker systems in all major zones
  • Strictly adherence to sound containment
  • Highly discrete speaker enclosures
  • Colour and size matching
  • Even sound throughout all spaces
  • Flexibility to cater for multipurpose rooms and entertainment arrangements
  • A highly fault tolerant backend infrastructure

Architectural Integration – A must in this day and age

What sets this newly installed sound system apart from others is the high attention to detail and customisation of speakers to seamlessly blend into the room and maximise floor space.

Design Focus – ALA04T: Elegant yet effective

The Acoustic Technologies ALA Series (Architectural Line Array Series) is a specialty loudspeaker system providing ready solutions for a wide range of sound reinforcement projects. The complete ALA range has been created for any application where critical speaker placement and pattern control is essential, including outdoor venues.

An impressive total of 49 ALA04T enclosures have been installed throughout both levels covering the restaurant, bar and function rooms. Being colour matched and mounted on the wall just below the ceiling, these enclosures line the sides of every room providing unparalleled coverage and clarity while maintaining an extremely low profile.

Design Focus – MKB200 WALLSUB: 100mm Deep Slimline Sub Woofer
Sixteen MKB200 Wall Sub Enclosures in various shapes and sizes were methodically installed throughout the venue either within wall cavities or surface mounted to the core structural pillars throughout the lower level. These enclosures provide smooth warm bass even at low levels and work in conjunction with the ALA04Ts to provide an extremely pleasant sound experience for patrons at all times of the day.

Where it gets serious

The venue features a multipurpose dance floor/ seating area that requires background music during the day however as the night progresses and the live entertainment begins the system needs to be able to keep up. It was decided to use 4 x LG04 compact top boxes backed up by customised PILLAR SUB comprising of 6 x 10” drivers in a non coupling vertical arrangement. This sub enclosure is size and length matched to the pillar it is on maximising the usable floor space and blending in with the room decor.

Backend Equipment

In total the system uses 44 channels of amplification, this is made up by 5 MK8175 eight channel power amplifiers and a single BLACKBIRD 5K quad channel amplifier. The MK8175 amplifiers pack a hefty 8 x 200 watts into an efficient compact 2RU footprint. These amplifiers are extremely flexible and easily accommodate for the number of discrete zones throughout the venue, they power the ALA04Ts and the MKB200 Wall Subs. The BLACKBIRD 5K is a 4 x 1275 watt power amplifier that solely powers the dance floor system.

The system is processed by a Nexia DSP matrix with a Cloud Electronics zoning system as the user front end.

Equipment List

1 x Acoustic Technologies BLACKBIRD 5K Power Amplifier
5 x Acoustic Technologies MK8175 Power Amplifier
33 x Acoustic Technologies ALA04T Loudspeaker Enclosure (White)
16 x Acoustic Technologies ALA04T Loudspeaker Enclosure (Black)
9 x Acoustic Technologies MKB200 Wall Sub Enclosure (White)
5 x Acoustic Technologies MKB200 Wall Sub Enclosure (Black)
4 x Acoustic Technologies LG04 Full Range Enclosure (Black)
1 x Acoustic Technologies custom 6 x 10″ “PILLAR SUB” Enclosure (Black)

Installation and AV Agent:

Mick James
VenuTech Lighting & Audio
Ph: 0411 754 549