About the Venue

Located centrally in Brisbane’s South Bank dining precinct, Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar is the perfect destination to indulge in inventive cocktails and sculptured desserts but also ideal for that early morning coffee or a quick fix of heaven during the working day. Offering an array of visual and edible treats, Cowch Dessert Cocktail bar is a space that oozes contemporary flair with a central fire pit, funky lighting design and an excellent sound system, all in a friendly setting. Friday and Saturday nights at Cowch offer a fun and refreshing environment where guests can enjoy a Mellow Martini, a craved craft beer, or a sought-after wine, accompanied with entertainment from Brisbane’s best on the decks.

About the Audio

Creating the right atmosphere demands more than just amazing décor and lighting – the audio is all too often the forgotten part of so many venues and establishments.

This wasn’t to be the case at Cowch, right from the start the audio was an essential part of the project. This is evident in the high level of attention paid to speaker placement, architectural integration and coverage.

The newly installed system uses Acoustic Technologies latest generation MK series installation products. The MK series is a high end complete installation range that encompasses stylish 2-way loudspeaker systems and compact amplifier/ DSP products.

The top priority was to ensure the absolute best quality of sound possible however this wasn’t an excuse to let the look of the speakers impact on the décor of the venue.

What was Installed?

Inside benefits from ten MK100 wide dispersion enclosures hung from the high ceiling using custom extension poles. The design and placement visually integrates the speakers perfectly with the funky lighting design to create an overhead spectacle that sets the designer tone of the venue. Two LGB03 sub bass enclosures sit underneath the impressively large common table, this location is nicely centred in the room to allow even sub bass throughout the entire space.

The solution for outside comes in the form of two colour matched MK75 enclosures in “Dulux Berry Grey”, flush mounted onto the solid metal sections on the mostly glass front facade of the venue. The naturally wide dispersion of the enclosures means that they evenly cover the outdoor seating space without projecting excess sound into the street.

The system is powered by a single MK8175 eight channel power amplifier with processing and control handled by a Symetrix Jupiter 8. A combination of nightlife HDMS and DJs provide the entertainment from 11am til late 7 days a week.