About the Venue:

Located in one of Newstead’s historic WWII hangers, The Triffid is a medium sized concert space with an 800 capacity plus an equally big outdoor beer garden.

The Triffid is the brainchild of musician John Collins (ex Powderfinger) in partnership with leading music industry figures Paul Piticco and Jessica Ducrou (Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, Secret Sounds Touring), and Brisbane hospitality identity Brett McCall. The Triffid has been over 18 months in development.

With its imposing arched roof line, 490 square metre outdoor beer garden and three story perimeter wall painted with cassette tape covers of past and present Brisbane bands; The Triffid will be open from Tuesday to Sunday hosting a mix of national and international touring acts alongside Brisbane’s finest. And that’s who will hit the stage first!

About the Audio:

Acoustic Technologies, in conjunction with GL Audio, were commissioned to design and install a state of the art distributed sound system that covers all areas of the venue. The core challenge of this project was to provide ample coverage and volume from visually minimalistic loudspeaker enclosures. Through out the refurbishment, the buildings heritage and significance has been maintained and this is reflected in the attention to detail such as speaker colours and placements.

The main room benefits from six LG04 enclosures with a pair of MKB150 subs, all in black servicing the 800 strong audience area. The mezzanine level has pair of black LG04s which can be isolated for private functions.

A pair of LG04s and an MKB150 service the internal foyer, however as the corrugated metal roof was never painted, the enclosures were supplied in a metallic paint finish to blend in.

The outside area was quite challenging in terms of speaker placement, the venue was built with absolutely sound containment in mind due to the future surrounding residential developments. For this reason it was decided to evenly distribute four LG04-E (Environmental) enclosures across the side of the building aiming towards the opposing three story wall. These enclosures are in a metallic paint finish and are fully weather treated as they are directly exposed to rain and sunlight.

The system is broken down into five zones: Main Room, Mezzanine, Foyer and Beer Garden North and Beer Garden South. A number of input points are located around the venue (including one for the main stage) which are all available to all zones. This allows the operators to stream live acts from inside to outside or vice versa. A pair of MK8175 eight channel power amplifiers drive the whole system with room for future expansion if required. The system is processed by a Symetrix Jupiter 8, and control is via a number of iPads around the venue which give staff varying degrees of access including zone volumes and input source selections.

The venue staff, in house technicians and performers alike all agree that the new system elegantly and transparently serves it’s purpose while providing high quality sound reinforcement with absolute ease of use.

Equipment List

8 x Acoustic Technologies LG04 Loudspeaker Enclosure (Black)
2 x Acoustic Technologies LG04 Loudspeaker Enclosure (Metallic Finish)
4 x Acoustic Technologies LG04-E (Environmental) Enclosure (Metallic Finish)
2 x Acoustic Technologies MKB150 Sub Bass Enclosure (Black)
1 x Acoustic Technologies MKB150 Sub Bass Enclosure (Metallic Finish)
2 x Acoustic Technologies MK8175 Power Amplifier
1 x Symetrix Jupiter 8 Digital Processor

Installation and AV Agent:

Greg Loxton
GL Audio – www.glaudio.com.au
Ph: 0438 180 075

Design Consultant

Jason Roesler
AT Professional – www.atprofessional.com.au
Ph: (07) 3376 4122