About the Venue:

Gordita is the latest venue to open at the modern M&A complex in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. With luxurious curved booths, a large u-shaped bar, street art mural and gorgeous copper lights, Gordita is like a cross between a New York supper club and a Barcelona bar. As with his other venues (Peasant, Cabiria, Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall), owner Jamie Webb has paid great attention to detail.

About the AV:

The newly installed system audio system truly embraces the ‘heard but not seen’ philosophy that is at the heart of Acoustic Technologies MK Installation Series. Sixteen MK50 miniature loudspeaker enclosures in black were installed along the bar bulk head and along the perimeters of the room for the booth seating. The room has a stained dark wood finish and the MK50s in black blend in nicely while complimenting the surrounding black furnishings.

Because space was at a premium it was desirable to use a decentralised amplification system where four MK-AMPPACKs were installed throughout the roof cavity to power these speakers. Sub bass is handled by three MKB150As flush mounted in the walls and ceiling which provide warm even coverage across the entire room. The outside seating area is covered by a pair of ultra wide dispersion MK75 enclosures which evenly cover the open area.

The system is managed by a single Symetrix Jupiter 4 which handles I/O, volume and tuning. The staff control the system via an iPad, however scheduling takes care of most daily operations.

Equipment List

16 x Acoustic Technologies MK50 Miniature Loudspeaker Enclosure (Black)
3 x Acoustic Technologies MK75 Ultra Wide Disperion Enclosure (White)
3 x Acoustic Technologies MKB150A Self Powered Compact Sub Bass System (Black)
4 x Acoustic Technologies MK-AMPPACK Single Channel Power Amplifier
1 x Symetrix Jupiter 4 Digital System Processor
For more information see the Project Case Study:

Project Contacts:

Greg Loxton
GL audio
Ph: 0438 180 075

Jason Roesler
AT Professional
Ph: 07 3376 4122